I’m being forced to write  yet again–

even when all I want is to have some rest.

They’re at it again.

Those who know me well;

not just for the sake of wishing my wonderful face-

was theirs for the taking.

not for the sake of ;

wondering whether I was born like they or,

fell from the sky like the devil did,

When GOD kicked him out of Heaven for disobedience.

Old scriptures are tossed my way like worn out,

rust coins without value.

I was at the ATM again this morning.


Again, sweatheart and I was followed.

This acting of loading the unlikeable,

Of being forced-fed raw meat like I’m a devil-worshipper–

Irks me.

I’ve been down on my knees for some time,

I can now say that they’re aching.

All these suspicions that I’m some kind of a movie-character–

irritates me.

This thing of people looking at me like I owe them–

one thing or another is rotten to the core.

Have any of you smelt raw-fish?

Don’t tell me how it first rot at the head,

I’ve heared all of that before.

If prayers don’t work for either of you,

I guess I know what will….



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