soldiers knelt on street corners,

unfavourable economic conditions.

a police state knocking on doors fearlessly.

peace nothing but–

a smoke screen.

unkind words blow it away,

Loot stacked in Swiss banks,

Thugs avoiding the Hague at all costs,

poor men envying latest gadgets,

heartless women laughing at them,

money in their banks grew wings.


Stumbled in the dark

Mine bosses simply could not take chances,

Dirty gumboots lay all over,

Silence covered ground lengths,

A cricket’s chirp echoed daylight,

Incessant electricity supply cuts,

Interrupted shaft lifts,

Hypocrites blamed fickle suppliers,

The country became standstill,

Surety of bringing workers to earth alive–

Waned each passing second.

Corporations incurred multiple loses,

Millions off their offshore accounts diminished,

The president kept mum,

He had been warned ten years earlier but,

Could not heed the call to invest in infrastructure.

Families dread nightfall,

Stumbled in the dark.



And we are in love?

I watch her vehicle elope into a dark night,

Can not believe I have won her heart,

Never thought women enjoy simple things,

Just directing her to a parking bay—

And we are in love?

Being a coward that I am,

Have been afraid to ask a woman out,

Fearing reprisals from their irate men.

Oh she smells so fine,

Makes roses and flowers seem fake.

I barely take my eyes off her.

My painful past memories flooded my brain,

I remembered eating my target’s birthday cakes,

We were young back then.

Bought a car and started ignoring me.

I batted my eyelids

A long lost friend visit me,

A newspaper neatly tugged in her hand-bag,

Says a rich man’s son is crying uncontrollably,

His dove is missing,

Has disappeared a day before a national bird race.

Offers a thousand dollars reward—

To anyone who could find the love of his life.

I batted my eyelids,

Thanked him for telling me the news,

I could bump into it by luck,

I escorted her out of my house—

Wearing a smirk on my face.

Maybe I should end it all

I cock my gun’s holster,

Cowards disperse,

I am tired of being publicly scorned,

How long should I warn them?

I keep quiet and let steel do the talking,

I was respected in the nineties,

Why am I disliked all of a sudden?

I did not see it coming,

Especially from people I grew up with.

I should have slapped a fool;

When it all started.

My delay tactics have backfired.

There is no more love for a stranger,

I do not want to shed blood,

A prison garb was not meant for me,

Maybe I should end it all.

I am not into public domain praises

I try to ignore what I am going through but,

My emotional state is in dire need of compassion,

I contemplate taking revenge on those who;

Find it worth it to tease me.

Losing someone you dearly love is never easy,

I am slowly drifting into depression,

I do not know if it would work but;

I want to turn my colleague into my soulmate,

Should I boldly tell her;

I love you handsome?

I am not into public domain praises,

I reserve those for copycats.

She blushes when I  say nothing to her,

I will take her out when the time permits,

Being workaholic could be mistake for being stupid.

Maybe I should cry when I see her and;

watch how she reacts.

I deserve it

I am no good,

My biological father is tired,

Utters the word bastard now and then,

I deserve it,

I could be handful at times,

He does not care what the police say.

He is the pillar in the house and;

i am his flesh and blood.



I have been dumped

I am in love with two women,

I do not know who to dump first,

If they know each other.

My love put a veil to their eyes,

I would assume,

I love them for various reasons;

Transport. and hospitality,


The chatterbox nags me,

Always ask me if I truly love her,

Angel is just happy to see me.

I would dump the dumb one first—

I hate being belittled,

She better watch her mouth,

Come Valentines day,

One would be crying—

I have been dumped.

Not knowing has been duped,

Into making mistakes then—

Chucked into the dumpster.

I deserve to burn in hell


I am irked,

Nothing she says seems to work,

Can not forgive her father,

Their tiff is over our love,

I should have known better than;

To accept their supper visit.

I could have said something inappropriate,

We are a new generation,

Anything is possible—

Her father should have known.

Tears soak my expensive shirt;

When I think about her.

She has been grounded,

I play games on my 3G phone,

I deserve to burn in hell!

Nothing priests say is of comfort.

The world is a great place to live in.

I have no addictions but,

Love is natural.

To hide a painful past


Drags her slippers on tar—

En route to the café.

On her return,

a loaf of bread under her armpit.

Everybody on the streets salute her,

Gossip must be her true religion,

She rhythmically murders her detractors,

Looks at the stars on the sky at night,

Caught her mugging an innocent soul,

I adore her gangster ways from a distance.

Has own personality,

Clutters fashion stores plastic bags,

Applies thick make-up to her face—

To hide a painful past,

Wraps naïve men around her index finger.