I Say Unto You

Of course, I’m a poet,

A scissor.

For now, I’m sitting on the edge of a chair,

Waiting for a strange to come to provoke me,

I know most of you watch tv,

I wont pierce you but,

My poem will stalk you.

Otherwise I know a bird called Stork,

It feed on worms.

I also know wild ravens,

They feed on maggots.

Let’s leave this writing here for now.

We’ll get back to it after my knife,

Has sliced through a sizzling piece of meat.

Mind you, National Braai Day has passed me by,

Before I turn into a liar-pathological,

I say unto you, It’s logical for you and I to first,

try to get to know each other better.



He came in the morning,

early in the morning,

I didn’t want to repeat,

trust me,

I don’t have to repeat,


But, like I just said;

He came in the morning,

Parked his car on the side of the street,

On the kerb,

Next to the wall,

Next to the tar,

Everybody sing along;


Just like I’m saying,

Not as you like,

If his jealousy doesn’t wont cease,

It wont stop to shock me,

All you people clap with me,


like Facebook like pages,

Fans like you,

dislike you.

Good people this is the life,



as you can see

There are people out there,

Who see us as epitomes of evil.

God help us keep off evil.

I’ve heared about existence of the devil but,

I’ve surely not seen him.

And I surely don’t want to meet him.

When I’m being understood,

It’s like I’m the devil feeding off evil.

Wearing a chain,

A wristband or sporty,

Makes none of you gangsters.

I’ve been wearing this cap for as long as they could imagine,

Then, imagine me robbing your mom of her grocery–

with a knife to her neck when no man is looking.

It’s all in the mind this thug-life thing.

And I wont mind help you clear off all of it.

As you can see my writing is enterprising.

as a result

we love you a lot,

you know we do.

just look at what we’ve been giving you with–

all these years.

no hater could give you with;



peace and happiness.

as much as you do.

all the mistreatings  you get from us,

It’s as a result of you being unable–

to realise how much we’re getting hurt.

when you lose focus on great things,

we and this life has to offer,

all the pain that you may be feeling–

right now,

will surely come to pass.

and you will be right up there–

with the rest of us.

this life

I’m getting tired of some people looking at me dirtily.

They make me want to ask them;

How much money do I owe you?

And you know what;

I’m not ready for that.

Like I’m not ready to be told by the whole country–

what to do with my life.

Most of them talk a lot and when I ask them;

What did you just say?

They then apologise but,

I’m not ready for that.

I’m getting to the point where I’ll tell them;

Though I’m tired of this life,

I’m full of energy and enjoy every bit of it.