flying police bullets

i was due to talk marriage but,

her stupid uncle got in between us.

I should  have not let him,

dumped me but,

called me a week later saying;

He died in hail of bullets–

from  a failed hijack attempt.

conflicting words on the streets are that;

He died trying to save his accomplices from–

flying police bullets.

I should just forget about her,

Why should I trust a liar?


so long as i live

Her name ends with CIA

A United States crime intelligence acronym but,

remains my beautiful queen of the nineties.

If it was not for a mysterious incident–

We would still be together.

We were inseparable in high school

Introduced herself to I as PATRICIA,

i will never leave her so long as i live.

should i scream out loud

today  i look  at grey skies above

Dream of material wealth

magazine pages gracing my beautiful face

reading about half naked fame seekers

Pictures of whistling ladies ogling men

men of God  should be protecting sinners–

Not maim them!

should I scream out loud–

in order to win the public’s approval?



her gripes make me a prime suspect

Rants from a picture perfect being;

The result of online abuse,

Acquired personality disorders,

Embedded into her persona through http format.

Writes unkind words on her blog wall,

Express how she feels about me,

Says irate hackers hacked her account,

her gripes make me a prime suspect,

My prerogative is not to make her life exciting.