Her honeymoon was about to end.

Only in her thought.

Her husband was lying soundly

next to her.

She was reading a new novel

by a new female author

whose name either she or I

could pronounce.

Her family was happy to let her


They were tired of her bringing

a man after the other home.

They failed to realise that it runs

in the family.

Not bad luck, dammit!

But, how they don’t know

when to reach out to a good


She had seen fellow family members

fail to ;

find love,

strike it rich.

And told herself she was going to be


She realised while on honeymoon

that her man isn’t what she had expected.

He had his eyes set on Hotel staff from

the day they set their feet there to a day

prior to them returning to their neighbourhood

and workplaces.

She looked at her friend’s contact picture and

spoke to it;

When I grow up I want to be like you.

It didn’t respond and she began cursing herself,

and thinking about;

her unfortunate, youthful expeditions.

When she made a love scene with a man

called A on top of their teacher’s desk.

I was there as well and besides being on the

right side of God,

I couldn’t keep my eyes of her.

Back then all I wanted to do was read and

play a five-a-side football expedition.

Now, I don’t know why she walked off her man.

Maybe it could do with her wild ways of youth.

It’s not my place to judge especially when I

myself can’t keep from swearing and a litany

of all other sins which engulfs my spirit

and torture my soul every given day.

However, I can’t keep from telling you how

disappointed I’m when I read about how she

got off hers and her man’s honeymoon bed

and jumped off a Hotel’s window as her way

of getting back at her flirtatious man.

He’s always been like that.

How she thought she’ll be able to change her

is a story for another day.

Another day?

What the hell was she doing on a daily’s front page?

her friends ask me like I was hers when we were


They forget that it wasn’t her man or I on a daily’s

front page seeking to make a headline out of nothing.

She isn’t a celebrity so it’s clear that she had an aim

to tarnish a name of her man and or,

names other people close to her.

Would you like to know why her story is affecting me?

She’s a person I grew up looking at because without

doubt she’s an eye-feast.

She can make you lose faith in God by just looking at


She’s the type that makes men think that she maybe

fell from the sky.

I don’t know what to say or think but,

I know her man wherever he is,

Is devastated and would like her to come back home.


not me

I met him when I was very young.

When he came to our college and,

knocked on our classroom door,

I blushed because though,

I had told my lecturer that,

he will be coming just after lunch but,

I didn’t expect him to arrive so soon.

I had barely set down before a computer–

when he slid in.

He greeted my female teacher whose

name I can no longer grasp because–

it happened a long time ago.

It’s almost two decades that it had happened

but I remind him about it every Valentine’s Day.

It’s every girls dream to be swept off her feet

and I’m no different.

I had to ask him to come over to silence young

boys who played tennis balls on the streets.

Some of them played with girls and nursed

their dolls during their teenage stages but,

Thought they were men enough to can make

a woman of high morale,

with loads of morals,

like I,


Sometimes it’s not about pride but,

high standards one sets on her life.

I can’t stoop to a lower man’s level just

because he thinks that he’s man enough

to be with a woman like me.

I’ve heared elders criticise women,

who want to build their careers first,

than carry a man’s surname on them–

like it’s a batch of honour.

Not me.

how could they?

He looked at her looking at him.
She was the most beautiful thing
that he had ever seen.
I don’t agree with writers calling
people things so,
to I she was the most beautiful
young woman that he had ever
The problem was the people
from his neighbourhood and
not him.
He had warned them for a very
long time that their jealousy
is like a cancer that ate his flesh
alive but,
They never wanted to listen.
All that they wanted to see happen
to him was to see him sick and,
on his deathbed.
Others wished that he’d do something
that will make God hear no more of
his prayers.
His material wealth got burnt up
by evil spirits.
He knew who was behind it but,
he wouldn’t tell.
People  knew too and weren’t afraid to tell.
How could they be afraid of their very own evil ?

a reserved chap

I grew up watching this fellow, Frank.

He’s a reserved, cool chap.

I never thought that;

the day will come when we’ll ever meet.

When we did meet,

I could see that he wasn’t too keen—

to see or to have agreed to meet me.

That fact was written all over his face.

Mind you, he has  penchance for;

well-off beautiful women.

Age does not matter to him.

a secret his older brother, Jamel,

older sister, Daisy,

are keeping close to their chests—

to protect their little brother.

And I don’t know if,

I should be telling you this, now.