without fruition

He tells me about how clued I’m not regarding ways

of God,

how I’m walking in the darkness of sin,

and how I’m the only soul who’s going

to burn in hell,

how I’m being influenced by unbelieving souls

who endlessly preach within train carriages

without any fruition.

How God and not the devil unleashes His anger

on us, unbelieving people of this world.

He mentions the misery of Job and how he

got back his wealth but,

forgets to mention how his wife nearly got him

Into trouble with God by telling him in his suffering

how unkind his Lord is.

He goes on and on but forgets to also mention how

Sodom & Gomorrah ceased to exist.

The verses and quotes are endless and though I’ve

no time to read the so-called Good Book,

I’m of God and read whenever time permits.

For the record;

I owe no man.


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