Being single shouldn’t mean being disrespectful.
Shouldn’t mean one’s longing to be held by anyone
or anything because is left uncuddled.
Shouldn’t mean one is forever look to history for
And it also shouldn’t mean there’s comfort nearby
to look up too.
As there could be some persons around the block,
or somewhere in the jungle whose love would
leave them whole and fulfilled.
And the newness they had put unto their souls will
be evident to men and animals alike.
And when one feels the love,

they all of a sudden find themselves,

attracting good and bad people.
And if or when that happens they must;

sing along to the hymns of a happy choir–

booming from the speakers of your radio, Ipod or Walkman.
Life is a journey and people feeling unloved must,

still talk with others as if their lovers are there in comfort.
They must be comfortable so as,

this world will be able to notice them.

Because if they forever dwell on what they don’t have,
they’ll never find what they’re looking for.


And their sadness shall disturb us from performing our daily chores,

from finding out what’s it that they’re looking for.


And we don’t want to find us in that space.


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