I rode a taxi with the ghost.

Saw a ghost greet a friend

who looks just like it.

I thought to myself she

must be like Casper

The Friendly Ghost.

A cartoon character with

a white balloon-like body-


I have photos at home I’m

supposed to frame.

It’s just me alone.

No ghost.

And I got learn the hard way.

At township streets there’s

a thing called a ghost.

It’s nothing supernatural but,

just a man hating another man.

Yes! A man hater is called a ghost.

They say one’s life depends on how

it gets treated.

One could wake up naked at the

graveyard or,

It could whisper in one’s ear

And tell one where and how

to get that hidden treasure.

It can show one the place

where it and it’s friends had

been naughty while on earth,

how they evaded police arrest

after having robbed a bank and

how a bank statement meant

nothing to them.

You may wonder why I’m on


I just want to let you know that

I’m because I find it irresistible

at this opportune time.

I’ve tried to ignore the ghost but,

only a fool person could resist

it’s charms.


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