You come sit next to I

not because you’re bored but,

because you’ve been sent.

And you’re so proud that

you think I won’t notice

what’s it that you’re thinking

with your eyes gazed

and your mouth gape.

I’m not worried about your

investigating skills because

I’ve not only a thing to fear

but, I’m also not indebted to

any man or woman in this world.

But they’re so into me like

I owe them something.

I do owe something.

It’s a hidden fact which I know

too well because they themselves

have proudly said;

get out of here,

we don’t owe you anything.

I wasn’t the first to say a word

to them;

good or bad.

Now they claim to have been

shot at and I’m partly to blame,

they had been mugged early mornings

and I’ve to pay for all their misfortunes

with money or my life.

With money because month ends make

them say stupid things that they later on

regret as month drags on.

With my life because their lifestyles kill

them all.

And if you add lifestyle and money you

get one thing;


Yes! death because any uncontrollable soul

is surely to die trying to rob a store or,

for turning his back on his friends.

I’ve neither friends no stores I’d like to rob.

I know that my written words may or may

not save the day so,

I make sure that I buy all things which I’ll

need in four weeks time.

You know why?

A week has seven days,

a month has four weeks,

a year has fifty two pages.

If I haven’t said all that I’ve to

say to you today on this page;

I’m sorry and I won’t be able

to help you.

Seek counselling at a clinic somewhere.



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