we’re finding it hard.

They tell me;

You’ve been listening to people saying

that they love you.

But, deep down in your heart you know that they

do not.

You’ve been in at one of those occult places

of which a lot of people are in but,

aren’t sure that they’re until things get bad enough for

they to be considered for consultation.

It’s like that item that you buy at a shop

only to find out later on after you’d

washed it more than three times,

that it wasn’t worth the money you had spent on.

And the last woman you had your eyes set on,

was the woman you should’ve lost your livelihood on

because she, herself was nothing but an eleven ‘o clock,

tick-talk, set-up.

And we’re finding it hard to advise a person

Who seems not too keen in listening to our advice.

There’s nothing wrong with how you live your life today.

However, we’d like you to stop writing poetry online.

Especially on your blog because it makes us teary when

We remember teachings of our forebearers which we’ve

found intriguingly hard to listen to.

We’re people who think majority should rule in our favour.

Yeah, that’s who we’re!


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