I’d like to know

I wanted to be something
but I became nothing.
I wanted to raise my voice
but out came hot air.
I’ve become nothing on this earth.
I feel that besides God,
I owe me big time.
Small timers live for a moment
and I think it’s just me.

small and looking for some space to fit in.

but it’s never simple.
It took me forever to realise that
the only person who is me,
has rubbed the world off the
wrong way and finds himself
having to reassure that his
mistakes are in the past.
By his,
I mean me dammit!
I’ve come to realise that the more
I call God’s name,
the more priests feel like they own me,
the more congregants feel like they’re
way better than honest me.
That they feel like;
If he has no qualms why don’t he keep
quiet and let God take over his life?
They don’t realise that one could be
taken without no man knowing.
For now, I feel like I’m right there with
Feel like I shouldn’t waste no more of my
precious time worrying about trivial things.
I’d like to know how all of you feel.


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