if you

If you listen to yourself carefully,

you’ll realise how boring your speech is.

how people around here

are tired of listening you speak.

I looked at you on the first day,

searched for answers but found none.

On the second day;

people began nudging me,

I pushed their hands off of me

because I thought they were

like you,

of no importance.

On the third day it rained and

you found love but a man died.

You ran home and hid under the


Something that has become part of

you since you were a teenager.

Now that we’re all men

and all paying rent money,

I had thought that our environment

might change you.

None of that happened.

You saw him pull out a gun

and emptied a cartridge of all

eleven rounds on his frail body.

But you and your new love opted

for concealment of death instead.

It was cold and I could still see

visions of him hitting cold tar

and gallons of his blood being

swept away.

I know that I wasn’t there but,

if I keep reminding you about it,

people may start thinking that maybe

you and I are one like toe and nail.

and I advise you on all of  this;

on day seven because I hear

church bells ringing on my head,

ring tones on yours and your


I also am listening attentively to your

heartbeat as police sirens wail–

as the choir in my radio speakers


I know you wish that I’d stop

talking and save you from your blushes.

The police are laughing at you because if

there’s something they’d like to hear from you,

they won’t waste any more minute wondering.

whether to lock you down for a night,

make you confess all of your sins.





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