no man knows




All I know about house-pets like

cats and dogs is that they

love us men.

And I love them too because my

life would dull without any of them.

So whether one’s ancestry comes

from animals or not,

is a discussion for another day.

Meantime, I’ll keep on loving them

and cherishing every day I’m on

this earth with them.

Would you like to know why?

No man knows where pets’ spirits’ go

after they die.

We’re always seen kneeling before

pastors like they’re God Himself

begging them to show us the way.

It’s like they’re holding keys to heaven.

All while we know that they’re mortals

like us and though they may know all


are dead scared of a place called hell.

A place of which they always warn us

about being careful not to be found at.

I’m in hell already.

Everytime I knuckle down and wipe

my brass knuckles;

the devil out there seem hellbent on

wiping me out of the face of this earth.

Like what obituary columns did to monkeys

when they got to different continents.

They wiped all of them off to build

towns and cities.

And got praise for having done that

because man can’t live with animals right?

They bring a difference in our lives.

We learn on them on what to or

what not to do.

Animals won’t invade our spaces if we

show them love and respect.

I don’t know how people view me

or my written words.

All I care about is making both they

and pets happy.

People try to separate themselves from

nature but,

whenever they’re happy because they’ve

survived a scare they boast;

it was due to my animal instinct that

I went through that unharmed.

If this doesn’t sum it up nothing ever






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