unedited for my fallen uncle

I had been with you just for a day.
A quite afternoon at a hospital ward,
you were very smiling,
And glad to see me.
There is never a good time to say goodbye.
Why did you have to leave me in pain?
I spoke in tongues the other night.
Shakingly asking the holy spirit about you.
A voice scolded me in front of an officer.
He saw what was happening and;
Wisely refused to get out of his patrol car.
I know you are right there with God,
when you left this unsacred earthly space,
I was in a building at a lake toing a tea line,
I saw the mobile number—
It was from my mother.
No word came out from other end of the line,
I was shocked about all of that and;
Switched my phone off.
I bought an African map from a street vendor.
Courageously rode a taxi back to town.
Bought airtime at a stall by a group of shops.
Made a call back to my mother.
She did not pick up her cellular phone.
I knew something must be very wrong.
I called my father’s phone and,
He sadly told me what has just happened to you.
Yes! That’s how I’ve learnt about your passing.
I don’t know if that’s natural but,
I can still feel his presence around me.
I know not whether to smile or cry.
My mood right now is sombre.
You are the reason families gather at home–
I’ll not say rest peacefully.
You have always inspired me in many ways.
I’ve heared stories about you knifing fellow party goers,
I opt to believe none of that.
I scribble this right now online and unedited for my fallen uncle.
may he be an inspiration for generations to come.


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