I’m getting tired of

being unable to be me.

By being I, I mean not

to be what you or,

those by virtue of

feeling somewhat important,

Believe I should be.

I’m talking about those

who wish I was

whatever they wish I could


Those who know me

only by what they’d

heared people say.

To satisfy their egotistical selves.

What I’d like them to know is;

I could only be what readers knows me by.

And God who has created us all,

dislikes namecalling and other

judgements directed at men

by those who dislike them.

He has crafted me

in my mother’s womb–

into a beautiful human.

If that’s not enough,

I don’t know what is.

And, I won’t pretend, anymore.

Let God’s love for me manifest

in all of you.

Without being delusional.

And my love and all gifts

that The Lord has bestowed

upon I,

shall, in this physical life,

be shared with most of


Without having to act up

or, to show me you indeed

are in a need of a thing,

or things of which

I may possess.

And I don’t know if I own


I’m always told how

below average I’m.





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