only those who know

If you’re planning

to take yours.

ask yourself these

simple questions;

is your life yours

and yours alone?

do you know

how it would be

like after you die?

I don’t know what

conclusion you’re

most likely to reach.

But methinks that

life is worth living

and that it all starts

with having goals.

And I don’t think that

there’s someone who

could say;

I’m done with this life,

I’ve done all that I’ve

wanted to do,

I’ve no more things

to do therefore this

life is no worth living.

Life’s fun.

We the living have

more part to play

in ours and other

peoples’ lives.

What do the dead

do with most of

their time?

I say this with respect.

Not with scorn or pride.

So, why would any man

want to go live with

the dead if he has no

after-life experience?

I think not because

only those who know how

precious life is;

cherish each passing day.


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