How would any of you,
if not all of you feel
when the best of,
if not the rest of,
self-made enemies,
would like to see you,
if not all of you,
suffering or,
injured and,
writhing in pain,
because of some thing,
if not all or,
most things bad,
before their very own eyes.
Or, apparently never done,
any, if not all of,
if not every thing,
out of any of their sights but,
all things being, apparently,
despicably untrue.

Truly on crash-point like

radarless ship.
And the very untruth casts–
the world in a bad light,
if not a whole universe,
in a very bad space.
and all if not every other thing,
is very far from the truth,
which is God HImself.
Now tell me how you all feel?


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