how could they?

He looked at her looking at him.
She was the most beautiful thing
that he had ever seen.
I don’t agree with writers calling
people things so,
to I she was the most beautiful
young woman that he had ever
The problem was the people
from his neighbourhood and
not him.
He had warned them for a very
long time that their jealousy
is like a cancer that ate his flesh
alive but,
They never wanted to listen.
All that they wanted to see happen
to him was to see him sick and,
on his deathbed.
Others wished that he’d do something
that will make God hear no more of
his prayers.
His material wealth got burnt up
by evil spirits.
He knew who was behind it but,
he wouldn’t tell.
People  knew too and weren’t afraid to tell.
How could they be afraid of their very own evil ?


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