hidden truth

I’m only a human being.

Don’t look at me and think;

Why is he like this?

Nobody likes to be stripped like vehicle parts.

You may have seen neurosurgeons

at a hospital as a;

tv viewer,

on a movie set,

or live as a doctor or a nurse.

But you must know that though our writings are live,

And may be reviewed by people differently,

Only the writer knows what he is doing.

I’ll use the word he because I’m a man.

If you’re a female or for any other reason,

within or beyond your control,

Feel like hiding whoever you’re or,

Whatever you feel deep down inside,

It’s entirely up to you and no one will haul you–

on top of burning coals for being yourself.

It’s only when those who are after you,

for reasons only known to them,

That you start feeling the heat of being on the spotlight.

So, before you can do anything online,

Make sure that you’ll be able to remain yourself after,

You got pelted with rotten,

written or spoken words,

by those who believe that your writing is a rant

aimed at;

making others find out;



hidden about them.


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