He could’ve checked on her to see how she was doing.

He didn’t because he was busy with other women.

That’s what she told me in anger.

I’m the man and am not without own foibles.

The problem was he had slept with her and,

Is now denying that the baby she is carrying is his.

He is irate and asking to accompany her to medics,

to go perform DNA tests .

She tells him that will be of no use and,

Will only going to tarnish his good man image.

He concerns himself a lot about maintenance money,

He’ll have to pay if he is found out to be an unborn child’s dad.

Now she contemplates suing him for being selfish.

Yes! If he continue to talk nonsense about the baby’s identity,

To her friends and the community at large.

He’ll have to pay for that and along with the well being of the;

unborn he has created.

He claims to have been retrenched along with some of his colleagues,

Due to their firm’s downsizing and merger with others,

Whose employees are more learned and skilled than he is.

She’s gravely ill and won’t listen to any of his rhetorics.






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