as usual

Prior to this,

Before I thought I could be able to write,

I had to first think hard about why I came to this earth for.

I’d be very worried if I wasn’t born of a woman because,

That I think, would make me somewhat of an alien–

at least before most of your eyes.

I have thought about resolutions for now,

I had thought about what I would like to be this year but,

like many of you;

I’m think about starting afresh.

Are you all listening to me or,

Have as usual lost me?

It doesn’t matter to I if you’re concentrating on what I’ve to tell you,

Or are busy trawling my back pages.

As for my life, I ‘ve done endless SWOT analysis when I was a teen ager,

Because all that we dream about when we’re young is a perfect life–

filled with endless opportunities.

We care less about uniformity,

Wearing of a suit and a tie but,

Feel more comfortable in dressing casually.

However, what gives our lives more impetus–

are words out of our mouths.

Some can lead us to;

our final resting place,

or to jail.

Others to high corporate positions.

Trying to do it all alone proves fatal for many a man–

because without back up we’re all but doomed.

All good or bad things in this life,

that I would like to advice you on,

Starts with careful affirmations.

You get to decide what you’re good at.

At the beginning of every year methinks,

Each and everyone of you have to sit done,

Yes! After moonlight kisses and fireworks ceases,

Beings have to think hard about previous failed journeys–

they partook.

Previous successes that led them to be wherever they’re now.

Because regrets will not only waste  time but,









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