When people start thinking about the past,

Becoming emotionally attached to eras gone by,

It’s time for you to think much harder—

about you own attitude towards them.

Sometimes this idea works,

Sometimes it becomes a total failure.

I being the one not to take criticism lightly,

Find myself with a lot to think about.

I’ve come to realise that though I think too highly about myself,

I’m partly to blame for most things that happen to me.

It would be better if I had the power to stop bad things—

before they happen to me.

Like I said before,

I’m just a mortal soul with flaws just like any other,

Whose dreams is to get a device to minimise them.

Right now, I’ve managed to drive people who love me dearly—

very far away from me.

Exposed myself to a lot of people as a very emotional being.


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