i love this.


I never thought they’d get me out of a retirement,

They did,

but I feel a retired man.

Words You or I bother me.

Methinks it’s as a result of our union;


Now I’ve no ace up my sleeve.

I even doubt if I’m wearing any sleeve.

I can’t keep repeating this,

It sounds like the one we used to do—

way back when we were young.

When it was cool to copy you.

Pass me a copy to copy you,

Because for now I embrace me.

Yes, who else could do this?

Even the mad forget to do this.

They say I’m up for praise,

I do this for accolades,

You know what, I rather do this for chocolate.

It tastes sweet and improves your metabolism.

And this isn’t for the sake of catcheism.

My retirees know there isn’t monotheism,

That’s why I get them all wrapped up…

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