a silly written composition

I’ve never asked for a father figure,

I’ve never.

Though I don’t have,

I think most of you would like to know a reason or,


And I know that has to do with with you knowing much more than I do.

You don’t care what results of you being obsessed with I,

May do to you as persons,

Or how may that affect your lifestyles and,

Most likely give you unwarranted lifestyle or,

Communicable diseases.

I’ve been tipped by a very wise,

Very special human

Not to force my ideas,

Not to inject my alixir of life,

With my mouth into your very own.

I’m not a doctor but,

A syringe into your rears will do just fine.

That’s I again with my silly written composition,

I don’t have to listen to much of any of their advise,

Because like I told you before;

I’ve a very,very special advisor.


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