Its not like I’ve forgotten what I should do,

They see me sitting leisurely and–

think amongst themselves;

He’s out of work,

He’s left his job.

Ask us if you’d like to know!

We know him like backs of our palms.

Little do they know;

He has a lot of township stress to deal with,

Messy life to sort out.

Only if they took time and asked him;

What’s wrong with you?

Because if they think like most odd people do,

That’s when there’ll be peace around the world.

Now, all that they do is;

sucking their thumbs,

At least, its theirs and,

Nobody else’s.

Yeah, that’s how all of them and,

their friends will try to reason.

I don’t know either,

I’m losing my very own focus to anger.

Maybe one day,

When they and I get to meet,

We’ll be old enough to reason,

than cooking all lies.


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